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Anita Bieri

Head of Virtual Ashridge

Ashridge Hult Executive


Learning, but not as you

know it

In today's fast-moving world of work, time for

learning is in short supply. If managers are to

cope with the challenge of an increasingly

complex business environment, finding the

space to learn new skills is vital.

Thanks to rapid advances in technology, the

way we communicate and organise work is

changing significantly. Managers find

themselves constantly having to get to grips

with new systems and consider how new

developments such as artificial intelligence,

blockchain, big data etc. are likely to affect

their organisation and their role.

But, it's not just the practical and tech-savvy

competencies that need to evolve. In the

emerging working environment, soft skills

such as collaboration, team-building and the

ability to influence without authority are

coming to the fore. Unprecedented levels of

pressure in a global 'always-on' business

environment means managers also need to

build their resilience and become more skilled

- through techniques such as mindfulness - at

keeping themselves in a good place.

To operate successfully and get the most out

of their teams, managers need to adopt a

learning mindset and continually invest in their

personal development. But when faced with a

frantic pace of work and ever-changing

stretched targets, how can managers ensure

they keep learning and developing?

Develop key skills for promotion

Learning providers have responded to these

new demands with a radical shift in the way

training and development is designed and

delivered. We're seeing the emergence of

virtual reality, gamification, augmented reality

and crowd-sourced learning for example.

There has also been much more emphasis

on the development of individualised learning

pathways, which give managers the ability to

access the learning they need at the time that

they need it - and apply their new-found

knowledge almost immediately.

We have long championed this approach,

offering organisations the opportunity to draw

on a vast array of multimedia content to build

a personal learning journey. Ian MoretonThickett, UK Management Development

Manager at food wholesale and distribution

company, Brakes Group: "Virtual Ashridge is

an essential tool for developing the key skills I

require for promotion, including personal

management, conflict resolution and

strategy." Share:


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