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John Cleave

eLearning Technologist


How the VR content

distribution conundrum was


Picture this. You and your best friend get

together every weekend over the summer to

make marmalade. You buy fruit at the farmers'

market, you meet at your house to make the

jam, and then you give it away to your family

and closest friends, who all come to love the

sweet treat. One day, you both decide to make

a profit off your now-famous jam. Once the jam

is ready, however, you face a big problem:

How do you get it to your potential buyers?

Distribution, as you can probably guess, is a

big deal when you offer any kind of product,

whether it is jam or digital content. With virtual

reality (VR) experiences for learning and

development, we know from experience of

working with emerging technologies, that

content distribution is a significant hurdle

impeding the adoption of this new and exciting


Next-level learning

VR has reached an inflection point and there is

tremendous interest. Vendors in the L&D

industry are creating VR experiences and

exploring the value of emerging technologies,

including augmented reality (AR), artificial

intelligence (AI) and custom apps, as well as


Here's an example: A prominent hospitality

brand, committed to providing their employees

with highly engaging learning, saw VR as a

unique tool for workplace learning because it's

a fully immersive experience, in which learners

interact in a simulated environment. It

completely captures learners' attention, which

leads to higher levels of engagement and


In this instance, VR offered the perfect nextlevel learning experience allowing corporatelevel

workers to experience the reality-

environment, needs and pressure-that

hands-on hospitality workers deal with daily.

The net result is that it achieved the desired

goal of fostering empathy.

However, when it came time to deploy the

app, the size and nature of this global

enterprise created a major distribution

problem, much like our jam at the beginning of

this article. How could this organisation

distribute its virtual jam to the worldwide


A gaming-Inspired solution

Esteban Cascante, Project Manager,

Sweetrush: "VR experiences are made up of

heavy files.



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