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David Wood


Jam Pan Learning Ltd

It's Outsourcing, but not as

you know it!

Many businesses would agree that some of

the primary ongoing challenges in digital

learning are those based around outsourcing.

For too long there have been major obstacles

to what should be a relatively straightforward


Learning and development professionals

have long been raising the same complaints

when it comes to outsourcing. Buying

learning services from external suppliers has

been too difficult, too slow and not costeffective. Plus, why is there so little

transparency around the procurement

process? What do we really know about the

people being put forward by agencies to

provide services?

Finding innovative suppliers has meant

scouring the market, running RFPs,

shortlisting - all arduous undertakings. When

you require several different skillsets for a

project or to supplement existing projects,

sourcing externally becomes repetitive and

can feel thankless.

There has to be a better way

Worse still, the outcome is often

unsatisfactory, as despite your best efforts

you're unable to connect with the right

professionals for the work at hand.

Then when it comes to service suppliers, it

can be difficult and sometimes impossible, to

reach the full spectrum of your potential

service users.

This is especially the case with smaller

agencies or individual freelancers. In some

instances, it is impossible for you to work with

a company, as it may require you to have

limited company status in order to utilise your

services, or may be wary about working with

an individual or smaller agency. So, for both

procurement and supply, more practical

solutions to outsourcing is clearly long

overdue. Share:


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