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Peter Gold

Principal Consultant, Thought

Leadership & Advisory Services


How good is your future

employer at



Have you been thinking about changing jobs

recently? If so, then it may be good to look

beyond the immediate benefits like the

company's brand, job title and salary, and think

about how a new role can help you with your

long-term development. In a fast-paced world,

skills and education become old very quickly

and you must constantly learn and develop.

Reports of talent shortages are abundant in the

media and recent research conducted by the

World Economic Forum predicts that by 2022

more than half of the global workforce will

need to be reskilled. It is clear that job seekers

should start searching for companies that offer

development opportunities and learning

programmes rather than focussing on salary

or job titles. This is particularly important when

you consider that the same research reveals

that more than half of companies said they

would only reskill employees in key roles.

Good employers take development very

seriously because it's expensive to recruit and

hard to find people with the right skills. Smart

job seekers delve a little deeper into how the

future employer manages development and


According to Cornerstone and IDC's major

European survey Future Culture: Building a

Culture of Innovation, the most common ways

to offer development in the UK are trainee

programmes (38 percent) and coaching (35

percent), which are directly linked to the job the

employee currently has. On the other hand,

online courses, which can be broader and

more accessible, are used by 32 percent of

British companies. Online courses can be an

accessible way of taking control of your own


It's a good idea to explore the personal

development opportunities up front, so here's

my advice for finding your next role:

• What's the recruitment process like? Are

you getting quick responses to questions,

and quick feedback and information about

the next steps? A quick and easy

recruitment process is an indication that

the company values you as a potential

employee. Even if you finally get a no,

maybe this is an employer to aspire to?

Compared to a company that doesn't

feedback at all.



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