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Tim Dickinson

Director of Strategy


What is a modern learning


Learning, intrinsically is a human activity that

happens in many places and in many ways. It

doesn't matter how great or feature-rich your

learning system, learning will never happen in

just one place. The modern ecosystem not

only recognises this reality, but embraces it to

support and accommodate every person. In

short, a modern ecosystem represents all the

tools, technologies, resources and places

where learning happens across your



Designing and building new learning

ecosystems can seem intimidating at first

blush. What are the key components I need to

consider? Where do I start? What's my

strategy? Answering everything on your own

makes a challenging-yet-gratifying task much

harder. It's essential to make it a team effort,

involving the most important stakeholders to

help you along the way.

As is the case when designing a measurement

strategy or evaluating learning, the best place

to begin is with your organisation's goals.

These will influence the impact on the entire

workforce - from learners and the L&D team,

to IT managers and other business leaders.

As you evaluate which elements are good fits

for your ecosystem, each of these

stakeholders should be given opportunities to

provide feedback.

Create your foundation by establishing what

end users and stakeholders need from the

system and determining how to align these

needs with core business priorities. Flexibility

and interoperability are key elements that must

span any system, as technology ecosystems

change over time just like natural ecosystems.

As a starting point, consider the core functional

components you'll need. These might include:

• Formal training delivery. Usually, an LMS

delivers this type of training. And, when we

think of the core elements of an LMS, we

need a system that can host and deliver

courses and manage instructor-led


• Learner experience and content

discovery. We all expect consumer-grade

experiences when accessing learning-

whether through an LMS, Learning

Experience Platform (LXP), or a custom

portal. There are many ways to meet this

expectation, and LXPs are doing an

excellent job of capitalising on this gap in

the market.



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