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Ulrik Juul Christensen


Area9 Lyceum

Four-dimensional Adaptive

Learning enhances


As the world continues to change

technologically and socio-economically even

greater emphasis is being placed on ensuring

people possess the necessary skills,

knowledge and other capabilities to survive

and thrive in the technology-enabled


The World Economic Forum emphasised this

issue again this year, with initiatives to help

ensure that the 7 billion people on the planet

are developed and allowed to reach their

potential. Among the challenges highlighted

is the need to enhance job creation in the

Fourth Industrial Revolution. As jobs are

created, individuals must be equipped with

even greater knowledge and skills.

Enhancing job creation - and training

Indeed, as artificial intelligence and robotics

take business and society by storm, the

stakes are being raised for the competencies

needed in the 21st century.

Skills such as creativity, critical thinking,

collaboration and communication are

increasingly important. Add to that character

traits such as curiosity, courage, leadership

and ethics, and tie in an imperative for having

a growth mindset, and it's clear that what

might have been considered sufficient for

people in the past won't suffice for the future.

'One-size-fits-all' fits None

Traditional education, both in the classroom

and through basic e-learning, falls short

because it takes an inherently one-size-fits-all

approach, exposing all learners to the same

material and content, regardless of each

individual's experiences, prior knowledge and

background. This approach really fits none,

because it lacks personalisation. No matter if

someone has already mastered the material

(and therefore is both bored and fatigued by

unnecessary repetition) or is struggling and

needs additional reinforcement, traditional

education does little or nothing to serve these

learners as individuals. The result is

inefficiency and ineffectiveness.



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