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Liv Gregson

Instructional Design Developer

KPMG Learning Academy

Using storytelling to cut to

the chase and prove a


This is the final article in a three-part series on


Nervously, I stood waiting outside the meeting

room. "My first client meeting", I thought to

myself. Being new in the job, I wanted to make

a great first impression, not only to the client

that would potentially buy our products, but to

my new colleagues, the director who would be

sitting across from me, and the subject matter

expert (SME) who would help shape the

learning I would eventually build. I walk into the

room, take a seat at the table and the meeting

begins. They start with some polite small talk.

"Nice weather we've been having lately. Did it

take long for you to get in today?"

Then they get in to more high-level ideas.

Suddenly there is a pause and they turn to me.

"What are your thoughts?" The focus is on me.

I take a moment.

I thought back to a week or so before and a

discussion I'd had with one of the instructional

designers (ID) in my team. As I was new they

were trying to give me some insight into

ongoing projects and ones that had recently

completed. One such project had received

incredibly positive feedback from clients. Using

strong narrative through character animation

and interactive content, it provided context that

the end user could resonate with in their job.

The ID said the question they focused on was,

"Why should the learner care?".

"Storytelling is a great way to secure a

learner's attention. If done well, it

contextualises content, making it relevant. If

done really well, it evokes an emotional

response from the learner. If a person can see

the relevance and they care about the content,

they are likely to achieve the learning




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