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Hawley Kane

Head of Organisational Talent &

Leadership Development

Saba Software

The evolution of Talent


Recent data from Brandon Hall Group's 2018

Performance Management Study shows that

most high-performing organisations now

embrace ongoing, in-the-moment

performance management over annual or

fixed-period performance review cycles.

It's a significant shift. Instead of viewing

performance management as a once-a-year

process to grudgingly endure, organisations

are seeing it as a dynamic, real-time event that

can be tied to development and drive

improved performance. And people,

processes and technology all play vital roles in

this evolution.

Linking learning to business performance

One of the key reasons organisations are

moving to this new, ongoing approach -

where coaching for growth is prioritised over

'managing' performance-is due to the

modern workforce's growing demand for realtime feedback. The world of work is also


Dispersed workforces and matrix-style

reporting structures are changing how we

work, the rapid explosion of information

available at our fingertips has altered decisionmaking processes, and even newly developed

job skills are rapidly declining in value-often in

as little as five years.

In order to stay competitive and profitable,

organisations must help employees navigate

this fast-paced, disruptive and ever-changing

climate. Organisations are increasingly relying

on technology to help them create the peoplecentric, collaborative work environments

needed to address these challenges.

How technology enables the evolution

Performance management technology puts

continuous coaching and feedback at the

heart of their talent management processes,

helping managers and employees make

impactful discussions that actually move the

needle on performance-without it becoming


Performance management is not a standalone

process. To be most effective, it has to be

approached holistically and closely integrated

with other key talent development activities-

such as learning, rewards and recognition, and

career development. And technology is the

great enabler of this approach.



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