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Sam Franklin

Marketing Executive

Saffron Interactive

We really need to be

better at this

Consultants are always saying that learning

teams need to integrate more closely with the

business. That's true. Except that most

business people are also quite flummoxed

about how to deal with digital disruption, so

shouldn't L&D be setting the agenda? Isn't

that the best way to add value? And how do

we do that?

By building skills capability. Soft skills are

essential in the world of digital disruption.

How you identify deficits and deliver capability

is then something for you to consider. And

real results don't come from the latest fancy

baubles. Don't get me wrong, technological

progression is an important part of improving

the way we learn and work. It's just that what

matters more is how we connect with learners

on a deeper level.

To do this, we need to understand trends in

business and the world in general. Trends

that affect every one of us as consumers.

By understanding how these affect the way

we live and learn generally, we can design

learning that fits into people's lives, not just

looks good on a progress review.

Tipping point

The world's resources are depleting as fast as

the new digital frontier is cluttered with

endless data. That data feeds the algorithms

that claw at our attention from every side and

our learning is just one of an endless stream

of notifications jostling for attention.

You may have heard the soundbite that

humans now have a shorter attention span

than goldfish. An arbitrary claim, and perhaps

a little harsh on poor goldfish, who actually

have a rather good memory and are often

used as 'a model system for studying the

process of learning and memory formation,

exactly because they have a memory and

because they learn'. But it is an indicator of

how easily we can be distracted.



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