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Confessions of an online learning


Instructional design can be a minefield.

And online instructional design

especially so. Which methodologies

should be used to help achieve the

learning outcomes? What's the best

media to use to engage learners? And

how do you employ technology in a

way that enhances the learning

experience, rather than detract from it?

Digital Transformation (Digital


Ian Gray asks when approaching

digital transformation, what have

others done with regard to an holistic

approach to the digital skills &

knowledge required within the

business versus what current skills &

knowledge reside within the business?

Other than a standard 'needs' analysis'

approach and/or some form of digital

IQ survey/analysis, do you have any

personal experience or advice to

offier? Share:

Capturing learning data: Secrets

to improvement and achieving

maximum impact

We know that feedback is essential to

learning; that good data enables

iterative cycles of improvement. In fact,

it's the only thing that does. So why

aren't we gathering and using data

(from learning, and from everywhere

else) more effectively?

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The Importance of Cultural

Intelligence in Learning

In a virtually connected world, it's more

critical than ever to practice cultural

intelligence. Your learning strategy is

no exception. It's increasingly

important to consider differences in

learning styles and protocols as they

vary across the globe to most

effectively convey the knowledge

people need to do their jobs.

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