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Want to get

better at L&D?

Get reading!

I'm writing this in a hotel in Warsaw, having

delivered a keynote yesterday about the

future of Learning and Development. Over

breakfast this morning with a colleague,

conversation fell to books.

It was a delight to swap our favourite recent

reads. For me, they included: Ben Macintyre's

The Spy and the Traitor (non-fiction), And

Suddenly You Find Yourself by Natalie Ann

Holborow (poetry) and any number of books

on L&D and business. I also picked up some

excellent recommendations to add to my own

reading list.

We talk a lot about how flows of data have

exploded in the internet age, but very little

about what makes up that data. A film has a

data footprint measured in gigabytes or more,

while a book will take up no more than a few

kilobytes in electronic format. This makes

books, I'm convinced, the most informationdense medium known to humanity.

Not only do they contain a lot of information in

a small amount of data, well-written books

can also provide a wonderful depth of context,

so much so that across a wide range of

potential activities for self-improvement, I

believe reading (books, magazines and

research in particular) is probably the best use

any L&D professional can make of their time.

And there's something else: the tremendous

pleasure to be had in becoming completely

absorbed in reading.

Want to be a better L&D professional? Pick up

some reading today.

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Donald H Taylor



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