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Hawley Kane -

Head of Organisational Talent &

Leadership Development

Saba Software

How to deliver learning

that moves the needle

on performance

For too many organisations, the outcome of

learning is...learning. And while metrics like

course completion rates or course grades

can tell you how learners are responding to

your content, they don't give you any insights

into how learning is actually impacting the


High-performing organisations (HiPOs) on the

other hand, are leading the pack when it

comes to measuring the impact of their L&D

initiatives. The evidence lies in their results:

HiPOs report an increase in year-over-year

key performance indicators (KPIs), including

revenue, market penetration, employee

engagement and retention, and customer

satisfaction and retention.

So, what are they doing right? We've identified

three ways HiPOs link L&D to employee

performance, and how you can do it too.

1. Review L&D goals quarterly

HiPOs review their L&D goals and compare

them to corporate objectives every quarter, at

a minimum. Learning and training initiatives

are only useful if they move the needle on

performance. This includes individuals, teams

and the organisation.

Ultimately, the business needs to move


But what if there's a shift or disruption within

your industry? What if regional or international

regulations or compliance standards change?

What if your company gets acquired or

merges with a competitor?

These are just some examples of why

learning teams need to stay aligned with

business goals - sometimes on short notice.

That means they need to keep aware of both

internal and external factors that could impact

current and future programmes. They need to

stay agile in order to make any necessary



Make your L&D goals easily accessible to

your team and key stakeholders. A great way

to do this is by publishing them on your

company intranet or digital workspace. Reach

out to the key stakeholders whose teams or

departments would be directly affected by

any pivot in priorities.

To make sure your goals still make sense,

prioritise a goals review in your quarterly

meeting with the executive leadership team.



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