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4 Take a holistic approach

If you have other training

initiatives, design your

mobile learning

programme to reinforce

and complement them.

No silos, please! Perhaps

everyone goes through an

in-person onboarding

session where they learn

about company values,

history and product

offering, as well as the

skills they need to do their job.

The forgetting curve means that this

knowledge will be lost over time, so use

mobile learning to remind them of the

important content - make 'little and often' your

motto (or 'spaced repetition').

5 Use a light-hearted, conversational tone

The term 'corporate training' sets off alarm

bells for most people - they're expecting

something dull and boring. Use interactivity, a

conversational style and a dash of humour to

challenge these perceptions.

6 Keep it concise, keep it relevant

In the words of Josh Bersin, "today's

employees are overwhelmed, distracted and

impatient". This means that your learners will

take five to ten seconds to decide to proceed

with training, based on whether it looks

relevant and if it fits into their busy schedule.

The sweet spot for a mobile lesson is between

two to four minutes. And yes, this is

microlearning - more about that shortly.

7 Use video

We all love video so make sure it is

incorporated into your mobile learning

initiative. The 'keep it concise' rule applies

here too: attention spans won't stretch to

more than two minutes. Use real life situations

to which your learners can relate and improve

knowledge retention by using on screen text

and graphics to highlight main takeaways.

Finally, add subtitles to make it easy for

learners who don't want to enable audio on a

crowded train when they forgot their


8 Use microlearning to make learning a

daily habit

Microlearning is more than a buzzword. It's

the idea that corporate training should reflect

how we consume information - in short bursts,

at the point of need, from our smartphones,

on the train. For microlearning to result in

behaviour change and business impact, it has

to be done regularly. Bersin provides a great

explanation of micro-learning here (Yes, him

again - we're big fans). So, provide snippets of

useful information and short, relevant courses

to dip into. When learners check into their

mobile learning platform they should always

find new, interesting content.

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