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Steve Dineen, CEO

Fuse Universal

6 reasons learning experiences

will replace courses

It has never been a more exciting time for

those in the learning and performance

profession. More and more technologies,

tools, content and ways of thinking are

becoming available all the time and for

the first time, the course is being

challenged as the central point in

learning design.

New thinking, new technology, big data and

new research now allows us to break through

the course centric view of learning, into

something new - learning experiences.

What are the steps in creating

learning experiences?

The real innovation is measurement and

those training companies that can now prove

their value, with measurable data, will be the

winners. Those that can't will decline until they

no longer have a sustainable business model.

A great example of measuring business

impact was recently carried out by the UK

learning team at Vodafone. The team took 18

months of business intelligence data across

5,000 retail salespeople and correlated it

against learning engagement.

This confirmed the result of a previous A/B

pilot - A/B testing is a way to test a new idea/

technology with one group (A group) and test

the results against another group (B group).

The test showed that people engaged in

learning every day, achieve 14% higher

transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) and

13% higher revenue, compared to those not

engaged. An even wider impact was

observed with regards to onboarding: 84%

tNPS for people engaged to 12% tNPS not


Many organisations like EY, Intercontinental

Hotels Group and Carpetright are making

measurement a standard to see how learning

correlates to business impact. This heralds a

new world with a relevant, focused and truly

appreciated L&D department at the heart of

the business, valued not just for opinions but

for data-driven insights.

Vodafone Case Study

Carpetright Case Study

The first step in designing is to clarify what we

call the 'North Star', which is what the learning

experience aims to influence and improve.

Let's take a practical recurring example:

accelerating the capability of salespeople

from competent to high performing.


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