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Peter Gold

Principal Consultant, Thought

Leadership & Advisory Services


Level up - the

workforce of the future

It's not news that the recent growth in

technological capability has significantly

changed the way we work. The so called

'Fourth Industrial Revolution' has

infiltrated and impacted all sectors, and

businesses cannot escape the need to

digitally transform.

A recent report from the World Economic

Forum found that machines and automated

software will handle half of all workplace tasks

within seven years. It is clear that we all need

to be more wary about our job security and

start learning and developing news skills to

ensure our job survival.

However, the rise of the robot should not be

feared. We need to embrace automation and

learn how to adapt and not fight it.

A 2018 survey by job website Indeed, found

that Britain's top 10 fastest-growing jobs

include 'machine learning engineer',

'computer vision engineer', 'people analytics

manager' and 'data scientist'. It is unlikely that

many of us will have the skill set required to

undertake these jobs but these are the roles

of the future. It is essential to prepare your

organisation for this emerging skills economy.

Take a look at Navigating the Future, a skills

map that highlights the skills workers will need

to thrive in this ever-changing environment.

So, how can organisations prepare for the

future of work and what can you do to help

develop your employee's skills to ensure their


Shout about it

Analytics and monitoring drive many

industries such as retail, gaming and

advertising, and knowing how to use your

own data to your advantage is extremely

important. Your employees need to build their

reputations and start managing their own

personal brands. Encourage your workforce

to level up their skills and explore outside of

their native culture. Volunteering for new

internal projects or establishing peer learning

groups is a great way to diversify skill sets to

prepare people for the future.

Allow your employees to use multiple media

outlets, including Google and LinkedIn, to

'shout' about their new skills. This not only

benefits the employee but it reflects well on

the company.



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