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Lars Hyland

Chief Learning Officer

Totara Learning

Why freedom is key to

compliance today

Compliance remains one of the most

important training challenges for

organisations today, with just 39.3%

saying they are thoroughly prepared for a

compliance audit, according to the

Compliance Training 2017 report by

Brandon Hall.

This leaves almost two-thirds of businesses

needing to improve their compliance training

and tracking. If this sounds like your

organisation, where do you start?

Dealing with industry-wide or market-wide


The introduction of new major laws such as

GDPR (which gives greater control to users of

services in the EU over their personal data) is

often stacked on top of existing regulations

such as the Occupational Safety and Health

Administration (OSHA), Health Insurance

Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and

the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),

adding an additional burden on compliance

management, including the provision of staff


Freedom to innovate

According to Brandon Hall's Compliance

Training 2017 report, the three most popular

methods for compliance training are

classroom sessions (62.2%), video (51%) and

virtual classrooms (51%). However, despite

this, just 14.3% of organisations believe that

classroom training is the most effective

method. In high-consequence industries, this

figure is even lower, with just 4.9% of firms

believing in its effectiveness. There is a clear

mismatch between the methods companies

believe to be effective and those they are

actually using. There could be several reasons

for this.

Perhaps they assume that more effective

methods will be more expensive, or perhaps

they lack the technology to support more

innovative approaches. For instance, 15% of

organisations believe that simulations are the

most effective method for compliance training,

but their learning platform may not support

this, meaning they stick to more traditional

methods. Share:


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