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Sam Franklin

Marketing Executive

Saffron Interactive

Change or die - why

constant change is the

future of work

Change or die. Adapt to survive. It's not

just a biological imperative, but also a

business one - now more than ever. It's

the stark choice facing almost every


You might think I'm being a little dramatic. Well,

more than half of the companies on the 1999

FTSE 100 were no longer there in 2015. Many

have been ripped apart by their competitors or

become entirely extinct. It seems like every day

we're seeing a stampede of cutbacks, job

losses, profit warnings, takeovers, even

administrations and bankruptcies.

Think about those household names that have

bitten the dust. Toys R Us, BHS, Woolworths,

Enron, Blockbuster… the list goes on. UK

electronics retailer Comet, for example, went

from a turnover of £2 billion in 2008 to being

sold for just £2 in 2011. That's some

devaluation in just two years.

What did all these fallen behemoths have in

common? They all failed to change quickly

enough. None of these companies kept pace

with their competitors, let alone the disruptors

that shook up their industries.

The barrier to entry is lower than ever, and

nimble start-ups are nibbling at the toes of the

slower companies, who are too busy trying to

keep up with (or being eaten by) the evermore-dominant Big 5 (Amazon, Google,

Apple, Microsoft and Facebook). How many of

you are looking over your shoulder to see if

Amazon's decided to join your sector yet?

The technological treadmill

No one wants to be next, and everyone's

trying to change as fast as they can to keep

up. The problem is, that pace is reaching

breakneck speed. Technological disruption is

nothing new - but it's accelerating.

Mary Meeker, the closest thing the tech world

has to Groundhog Day's titular Punxsutawney

prognosticator (sorry, Mary), recently released

her annual tech forecast.



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