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Liam Butler


SumTotal, A Skillsoft company

Creating an

impeccable candidate


Applying for a job has moved from a

paper-based experience to one that is

guided by digital processes. Candidates

can apply for more positions than ever

and with greater ease - starting an

application process is just a click away.

With so much choice at their fingertips,

candidates are becoming more selective

about the roles they accept.

This is why it is important that HR teams

create impeccable experiences for potential

employees. If an applicant finds the process

too long and disorganised, or thinks the

interview experience is poor, it is unlikely they

will want to accept a job offer. Below, we take

a look at what makes a five-star candidate


Make a good impression

Most application processes now start with an

online form. This is often the first hurdle that

can turn many potential applicants away. It is

unnecessary, for example, to ask them to fill

out their job history for the last 20 years within

the form - these details can be discussed

during the interview.

The form should be intuitive to navigate,

taking no longer than twenty minutes to fill

out. It should be streamlined and avoid

repetition. These days, applicants get

disgruntled when forms allow them to upload

their CV but then insist they enter their job

history manually, rather than pre-populating

the form. Little glitches like this can leave a

sour taste so it is important to address them.

It is critical that your application form is

mobile-friendly. Job hunting now often takes

place on smartphones. If your form cannot be

accessed via these devices, you are

eliminating potential candidates before the

process has even truly started.

Using a Talent Acquisition System, often part

of a larger Talent Management System, can

be very helpful in creating easy-to-complete

application forms. These solutions can also

be used in other parts of the application

process to create a seamless experience.

Put your best foot forward

To avoid appearing disorganised, use your

talent management system to schedule the

interview, provide key information and confirm

with the candidate.



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