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Martin Baker

Chief Executive and founder

Clear Lessons

Video learning is coming


Practice makes perfect and the same is

true for leadership as it is for football.

Here's how video learning can help

anyone master the leadership challenges

they face.

"If you're not offering on demand video

learning to your C-suite executives you're really

missing a trick"

Let me start with a question: If you knew

nothing about football, how would you learn

about the offside rule? Chances are that you

would either ask a friend, Google it or go

straight to YouTube to find an explainer video.

And it doesn't matter how old or young you

are. So why doesn't learning & development

(L&D) adopt this same approach to learning at

work to mirror the way that we naturally learn at


The idea persists that people have to go on a

training course to learn what they need to

know, especially when it comes to leadership.

Although I'm not knocking all training courses,

it's what you do on an everyday basis that is

really vital. I call this the football lesson. Think

for a moment about the fantastic footballers

that we see performing every week. They

haven't just done a one-week training course,

they have practiced and practiced and

practiced every single day to stay at the peak

of their game. And then they have practised

some more to get even better!

Leadership as a skill is no different, it's practice

that makes perfect, which is why leadership

development programmes can so often fail.

Although some natural leaders are clearly just

born that way, leadership as a skill can be

learned. But how? Well, one way is to find

either a great mentor or a leadership coach.

Both can really help you to talk through the

everyday challenges that you're facing and are

particularly good for new and aspiring leaders

and managers. But if practice makes perfect,

where can leaders and managers find

inspiration to help them every working day? If

we come back to the question that I asked at

the beginning - how would you learn about the

offside rule in football? - why don't we use

video to learn about leadership in the same

way? After all, footballers and their coaches

use video for training. Is leadership really any

different? Video can easily be used as a

leadership mentor in your pocket, offering bite

size tips to support daily practice.



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