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Nene Odofot

Marketing Manager

Video Arts

Video learning: buy it,

curate it or make it?

Video in learning continues to be on the

up, according to research from the

Learning Index. Our annual study of the

video and e-learning market found that

83 percent of organisations are using

video in learning, up from 77 percent in


It's everywhere. So here's our guide to finding

the right source for video learning in your


Video in L&D - a trend that's been

100 years in the making

We've been banging on about the benefits of

video for learning ever since Meetings Bloody

Meetings was made 46 years ago. But some

people have been banging on about it for

even longer than us. Take Thomas Edison for

example. He realised the potential of video for

learning over 100 years ago when he said; "It

is possible to teach every branch of human

knowledge with the motion picture." And

whilst it was a bit tricky in his day (no-one had

a telly, he was busy capturing electricity, he'd

only just invented the motion camera), today

there's no excuse for not taking advantage of

what video can bring to the efficacy of our

learning programmes. And that's because:

• We're only three seconds away from our

own video production. Edison's first

motion camera was the size of a small

spaceship. These days everyone has a

camera in their pocket. And a good

camera at that. You only need to look at a

film like Unsane to see the amazing results

you can get with a smartphone (in this

case an iPhone 7 Plus).

• Modern technology guarantees a good

viewing experience. Back in the early days

we had to physically gather people in one

place to watch films. Now we can stream

them anywhere in the world using the

latest global video players and Content

Delivery Networks.

• Everyone expects you to use video. Eighty

percent of the workforce were born in the

80s (Source: PwC). Some of them haven't

even heard of Duran Duran. I know it's

shocking but we need to come to terms

with it. And come to terms with the

expectations of a new employee audience

where 50 percent of people watch a video

online every day (Source: Childwise).

So, we've got the audience; we've got the

technology. Where do you get your content?



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