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23 What is adaptive learning and

how can you harness it?

Data-driven adaptive learning has the

potential to transform the way we

deliver learning. Find out more in this

blog from Lead Learning Designer,

Chris Sargeantson.

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Learning design - the slipperiest

of eels

Much discussed, rarely defined - that's

learning design. "It's part of our DNA!"

is a common cry but what do we mean

when we say that? If learning design is

truly at the heart of what we do, then

why does there appear to be some

doubt as to what is the current Kineo

take on "learning design"?

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3 reasons look and feel matters in

your LMS design

The words 'look and feel' are thrown

around a lot when it comes to visual

design. Put simply, they refer to the

visual elements of the user experience

- and even though some people think

of it as just being a matter of choosing

a font, a few colours and a stock

image or two, there's actually much

more to it than that

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5 tips for budget-friendly (but

high-impact) Elearning scenarios

Using scenarios in your elearning can

be an effective way to increase

engagement and really drive home key

learning messages. But without careful

thought and planning, they can

become expensive. LEO Learning

Consultant, Alex Steer, shares her top

five tips for creating great elearning

scenarios without blowing your


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