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How digital learning can defeat

the skills gap

The skills gap. Schools and universities

are blamed for it, the rise of tech is said

to multiply it, and individuals are told to

learn new skills - fast. In the workplace,

digital learning and performance

support tools can make new skills

acquisition faster, increase productivity

and leave time for innovation and

creative thinking. So why isn't everyone

doing it?

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Life is the ultimate informal

learning experience

Informal learning means different

things to different people. For some,

it's the 70 percent of the 70/20/10

model, with a heavy focus on

experiences that build skills and

knowledge. For others, it's access to

online, on-demand resources. Another

group of people may say it's a selfdirected, DIY (do-it-yourself) approach

to learning.

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3 business challenges you can

solve with user-generated video


What do diarist Samuel Pepys and

internet celebrity Logan Paul have in

common? They both show us what's

happening around them. Pepys's

account of the Plague and the Great

Fire of London of 1666, give us an

insight and a feeling that no history

recount can successfully rival.

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Why learning experience matters

The buzzword of the year might be

'learning experience'. We're seeing the

concept of LX, or learning experience

design, rise from idiosyncratic to

mainstream. People don't just want

learning events, they want

experiences. It sounds good, but to

paraphrase Gertrude Stein, is there

any 'there' there?

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