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How Artificial

Intelligence will

transform the learning


At Learning Technologies 2019 multi

award-winning learning and HR

researcher and author Jeanne Meister is

running a conference session to help

learning professionals to understand how

artificial intelligence can really be applied

within learning and development.

Artificial Intelligence is the breakout

technology story of the moment. It's

increasingly impacting our everyday lives,

often without us noticing. And its potential

impact on learning cannot be

underestimated. With technology providers

scrambling to harness the power of AI and so

much hype surrounding it, it's important to

understand how AI can really be applied

within L&D. Its applications are many and this

session reveals the extent of how it will help

truly transform what we do.

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Stop thinking like an

instructional designer.

Start thinking like a

game designer

At Learning Technologies 2019 world

renowned expert on games and learning,

Karl Kapp will help learning professionals

to think like game designers and

transform stale training into exciting and

interesting experiences.

The term gamification is thrown around

liberally in L&D these days, with the benefits of

using game theory in learning now an

established principle. But designing engaging

and compelling games is an art in its own

right, and adding points or leaderboards into

learning design simply doesn't do it justice.

"Learning Technologies is delighted to

welcome world-renowned expert on games

and learning, Professor Karl Kapp, to help us

expand our practice in this increasingly

important area," said Donald H Taylor,

Conference Chair, Learning Technologies.

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