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Is your outdated mindset

holding you back?

4 minute read (go know you


Training challenges. What does that even

mean? A difficulty in delivering training?

Developing training? Supporting learning? My

utter resentment for the word aside, they're still

an ongoing and real problem for L&D.

According to the report The Top 10 Challenges

Faced by Learning & Development

Professionals by the Center for Management &

Organization Effectivenesss (CMOE), some of

the main problems for L&D are:

• Dealing with change

• Engaging learners

• Delivering consistent training

• Tracking and post-assessment

• Improving learning effectiveness

• Demonstrating value to leadership

These are all real problems that organisations

face. They are legitimate and probably keeping

some of you up at night (herbal tea highly

recommended post-6pm). But they're all

granular problems; I feel there's one root

cause in all of this. And sad to say, it's about

you - and that's an even bigger problem.

"We're using the wrong mindset for an entirely

new set of problems."

Old ways of thinking are still the


Let's try and look at this objectively. We are in a

world that has advanced at a terrifying rate in

just twenty years. Progress and innovation

have changed the world in countless ways.

Technology is ubiquitous. It has taken over; it

dominates our lives and permeates almost

everything we do. The way we shop, select

restaurants, interact and communicate have all

changed vastly in a short time.

Google was born in 1998 - it has taken just

twenty years to deliver advancements on an

unprecedented scale. But Google wasn't the

only development. You know what else was

happening twenty years ago?

• Inception of the 70:20:10 model to replace

the ADDIE model

• I had a pet Furby and a Tamagotchi. They

were life.

• Creation of Kirkpatrick's Levels of


• Europeans agreed on a single currency

• Britney Spears stole our hearts

• The term 'e-learning' was just a thought in

Elliott Masie's head (that's right kids, the

term e-learning wasn't coined until 1999.

Feel old yet?) Ashley Sinclair

Chief Marketing Officer




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