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Annemarie Noldus

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How KLM Facilitates


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, part of Air

France-KLM, aims to treat its passengers

to pleasant surprises and memorable

experiences. This means staff must be at

the top of their game at all times and that

makes learning and development an

integral part of KLM's identity.

When it comes to working on their personal

growth, KLM aircrew appreciate flexibility. For

luggage and cargo handling, mobility and

sustainable employability are crucial. Since

the introduction of GoodHabitz, everyone

working for the airline has access to an

extensive range of work-related online training

courses to give their professional as well as

their private lives a boost.

Company-Wide Implementation

Not too long ago, KLM adopted a new view

on education. Before, it was the airline that

assumed responsibility for the educational

needs of their workforce. Now, the

responsibility for continuing education lies

with the employees.

Mobility and sustainable employability are hot

topics. Because of its diverse employee base,

the airline has established two focus areas.

The first one is flexibility: as the majority of

employees do not have 9-to-5 office jobs, the

possibility to work on your personal

development anytime, anywhere is a major

advantage. After all, pilots and cabin crew

have irregular shifts and no fixed place of

work other than their cockpits and galleys.

The second is mobility. Part of the KLM

workforce operates in underground luggage

storage, physically demanding work that

people cannot keep up until retirement. Since

they can't continue ad infinitum, working on

their personal development keeps employees

flexible later on in their careers.

Employee Response

KLM's director of Learning & Development

Frank van der Laan says that response to the

extensive range of courses has been

overwhelmingly positive.



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