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Lars Hyland

Chief Learning Officer

Totara Learning

Enterprise open source is

the strategic choice for

your learning platform

Remember the old adage 'No one gets fired

for buying IBM'? This essentially described the

safe choice of technology, the default position

for most organisations.

For some, open source technology doesn't

feel like the safe choice. This is a myth and a

falsehood. Why? Well, open source

technology already powers a growing

proportion of all enterprise infrastructure. It lies

at the heart of most of the technology tools you

use and take for granted today.

The internet could not exist without it. Indeed,

open source technology is moving out of the

backroom and into the application. Don't take

my word for it. Take IBM's. The firm recently

bought Red Hat in the largest software

acquisition deal in history. Red Hat pioneered

the use of open source software in the

enterprise, offering powerful benefits. More on

that later.

Also, take Microsoft's actions on face value.

It has firmly shifted its strategy away from

proprietary practices to supporting open

source software, increasingly contributing and

opening their existing software suites, in use at

a significant majority of organisations


Why is this happening? The pace of innovation

today and the demands of doing business are

such that it is increasingly costly and timeconsuming to unilaterally build and maintain

proprietary technology. It is simply

unsustainable given the rapid change and

uncertainty that most of us deal with daily.

Still not convinced? Look at the results of a

Red Hat Survey of Chief Technology Officers

(CTO's) on their views and use of enterprise

open source. Around 69% believe it is either

very or extremely important to their

businesses. Another 20% still think it's

important. Share:


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