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John Yates

Group Director for Kineo

City & Guilds Group

Research: What does

the global workforce

have in common?

There has been an incredible amount of

change in the dynamic world of learning

technologies, with major shifts in society like

globalisation, automation and digitisation.

The pace and level of change is transforming

the way we work, and so individuals,

organisations and economies are evolving

too. While there are trends, movements and

natural phenomena that are common to us

all, the way we deal with change is different for

every person, business and society.

Learning Insights 2019

Our biggest research initiative to date, the

Kineo annual report: Learning Insights 2019,

captures this reality. Analysis of data from the

8,000 people surveyed across 13 different

markets, has resulted in a clear

understanding of what drives learning for

individuals, organisations and economies


With a vast ever-growing global footprint, it is

prescient to deliver independent insight to

anyone preoccupied with the same questions

that drive us, so together we can find the

magic that will create an effective culture of


Having analysed the views of respondents,

learners and business leaders worldwide, we

know that there are no two people who like to

learn in exactly the same way. Just as there

are no two people striving for exactly the

same goals, at the exact same time.

Although the data reveals the differences

between us, some common themes have

emerged regardless of your sector, your

country or how long you've been working.

Over the past year or so, we've noticed

something akin to 'consolidation' when it

comes to learning in the workplace.

This is particularly the case with digital

learning and tech-enabled training

programmes. With so many great platforms,

tools and content delivering subject-matterexpertise in any number of skills, there is no

lack of material.



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