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Cassie Walker

Marketing Assistant


How to prepare your

workforce for the future

Rapid changes in technology mean that the

work environment is constantly evolving and

organisations have to prepare for, and

embrace, a digital transformation. The

adoption of digital tools and processes will

have a significant impact on the workforce as

well as the learning culture in the workplace.

Advancements in technology mean that

learning and development can be used to

leverage and rethink the way that staff are

supported in their day-to-day learning.

Emerging technologies such as Artificial

Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) are

more commonly used to enhance employee


VR eliminates obstacles such as time and

distance, as it can provide consistent training

across disparate workforces. AI contributes to

the idea of just-in-time learning -

personalising learning and bringing it exactly

where employees need it, such as on their

mobile devices. A report conducted by

Narrative Science found that 80% of tech

leaders believe the usage of AI will boost

employee productivity.

There is a widespread notion that new

technologies reduce the need for a human

workforce, when in reality it means that the

mundane jobs can become automated

which, in turn, creates roles that are more

skilled and rewarding.

So, through learning, it is an organisation's

responsibility to prepare and upskill their


Going digital with learning is often associated

with content being readily available on

employees' mobiles, which allows them to

choose how they learn (whether it be quizzes,

videos or ebooks). This gives learners a

sense of freedom with their learning, which

may help them retain more.

Microlearning is another example of a more

captivating learning method. Breaking down

large topics into digestible chunks means

more information is retained, and digital

learning allows this information to be

presented more than once. Combining all of

the above elements creates a future-ready

training tool and provides continuous digital

learning. This reinforcement of knowledge is

essential as we often forget up to 90% of

information only three days after first seeing it.



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