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It's all about the data, Ian


In the age of computing, data has

slowly but surely taken over the world.

Businesses have been built on it, we

are more aware of our personal data

than ever before, fishing is no longer

just a relaxing hobby and data now

even comes in BIG and small varieties.

But what about learning data?

Digital Transformation (Digital


Ian Gray asks when approaching

digital transformation, what have

others done with regard to an holistic

approach to the digital skills &

knowledge required within the

business versus what current skills &

knowledge reside within the business?

Other than a standard 'needs' analysis'

approach and/or some form of digital

IQ survey/analysis, do you have any

personal experience or advice to

offier? Share:

How to build an engaged digital

learning community

In a world of disparate workforces,

where learners are spread across time

zones, locations and even

organisations, how do we build

effective communities to ensure

learners feel supported to learn both

formally and informally?

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Secrets of high-impact


How important are authentic

communication and impact in your

business? Sometimes it's the small

things that count! In communication,

the whole is greater than any individual

part - yet every small part has an

impact on the whole. (An example

would be someone offering words of

welcome whilst looking at their shoes!)

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