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Maximising mobile learning ROI

with a mobile-friendly LMS

More and more organisations

worldwide are investing in mobile

learning. While some may dismiss it as

simply a fad or businesses trying to

keep with the times for the sake of it,

there are real tangible benefits to

shifting your strategy to mobile.


Diversity training: Why you need

to build a business case

In our everyday work we encounter

people of different cultures, races,

ages, genders, ethnicities, beliefs,

experiences, expectations and points

of view. When we acknowledge the

value of this diverse workforce, we

open the door to new ideas and

creative approaches to problem


The secret to connecting online

training to business performance

It's time to burst the training bubble

and fully embrace what can be done

with online training. In the book

70:20:10 Towards 100% Performance,

author Jos Arets outlines Fredrick

Winslow Taylor's influence on the

concept of separating learning and


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What do Gen Z'ers really want

from learning

Eight seconds. That's all you have.

Studies have shown that the average

Gen Z attention span is a mighty eight

seconds. Eight seconds to grab their

attention, and keep it. But we can't

make elearning that's only eight

seconds long, so what messages

should we take from this?

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