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23 How do we make compliance

interesting and relevant?

This is a question we're asked a lot,

and in this introduction to our new

Compliance report, our self-confessed

compliance geek Paul Kelly discusses

our unique approach…

The Cambridge dictionary definition of

compliance is 'the act of obeying an

order, rule, or request…'

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5 ways to restore the human

touch to digital onboarding

There's no doubt that technology is

changing the way we introduce,

integrate and upskill new employees to

the workplace. With the acceleration of

automation, artificial intelligence (AI),

and other cognitive technologies,

digital transformation is taking hold

across all aspects of HR and People


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How to Use an Employee Value

Proposition (EVP) to Attract Top


In an era of skills shortages and low

unemployment rates, the task of

recruiting employees is getting more

challenging. Plus potential employees

have access to insight about a

prospective company on an

unprecedented scale.

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Learning experience is a strategy,

not a product

Today's learners don't want to be told

when and how to learn. With a takecharge mindset, they want to be in the

driver's seat of their own learning and

development - not a backseat

passenger. And yet, despite the huge

potential that exists for organizations

that deliver the modern learning and

development experience employees

want, many are falling short.

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