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What does the

future of L&D

look like?

My guess is: very much like it does today.

Pretty much everything that is exciting in L&D

right now is already being done, somewhere,

by someone. It's just that in the future this

good practice will be less isolated.

1. A focus on performance

This is the biggest shift that successful L&D

departments make. It has nothing to do with

technology and everything to do with shifting

mind sets from L&D as the gatekeepers of

content to the supporters of performance.

2. Learning gets embedded

The role of training will not disappear, but it

will shrink as a proportion of L&D's work. A

larger part will be supporting knowledge

sharing at work, where we do not create

content, but help people share what they

already know.

3. A shift away from content

Content will continue to be important for

learning, but as we focus on performance,

creating it will cease to be the main focus of

the L&D department.

4. Shared responsibility for learning

Inevitably (given the above) managers and

employees will increasingly take an active part

in the learning process. For L&D that means a

closer, more consultative relationship with


5. New skills over tech

New technology will be important in all this,

but far more important will be L&D's new skills

and mind set. We'll need listening,

communication, negotiation and other new

skills, along with a shift away from content

towards performance as what defines us.

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Donald H Taylor



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