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Net Barrier System

The increasing bay sizes, greater

eave heights, and a movement

towards curved standing seam

roofs on steel framed structures,

when combined with the generally

accepted improvisation culture

within edge protection, have

raised serious questions about

the performance of existing edge

protection solutions.

Two events have produced

dramatic change in this area

of work: The publication of a

European Performance Standard

for Temporary Edge Protection, and

the launch of the Net Barrier System

from Combisafe International.

The European Standard sets specific

technical performance criteria for all

Temporary Edge Protection systems,

irrespective of height, span, or the

material from which they are made.

The Net Barrier System satisfies

these criteria, offering a flexible edge

protection solution to all manner

of roof construction and, when

combined with the internal safety

netting, provides a confident cocoon

within which the roofer can operate

in complete safety.


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