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Applications and Arrangements

The Net Barrier System is hugely flexible in its range

of roof applications. It will readily follow the curves of

standing seam roofs and simultaneously accommodate

extended curved canopies, steep valley gutters, long

verge overhangs, and both inboard and trim line

gutters. The system is extremely adaptable and can

accommodate a range of attachment details and base

materials, including Steel "I" beam sections and square

hollow sections, concrete columns, and timber.

There are a range of intermediate component

assemblies to cover various steel configurations,

sizes, and overhangs. There are flexible solutions to

both internal and external corner arrangements, and

there are various "stop ends" to ensure the system can

operate satisfactorily when the full perimeter is not

available for rigging.

There are also a number of methods for permitting

access through the Net Barrier at pre-determined

points, using stair towers and access platforms, or even

ladder towers.


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