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The Northamptonshire FA (NFA) is pleased to

announce the launch of the Advanced Coaching

Academy - an initiative targeted at ofering coaches the

opportunity to acquire higher coaching qualifications

with a view of producing better players at local

grassroots level; an integral factor of The Football

Association's National Game Strategy for Participation

and Development.

One of the findings of The FA's Chairman's Commission

was that coach development should be a key priority

to support England's target of winning international

tournaments and sustaining success thereafter. Linked

to this was Chairman Greg Dyke's aim of increasing

the number of Youth Module 3 (YAM 3) coaches

across England.

Northamptonshire is the first county to provide

grassroots coaches with enhanced opportunities

to develop their education and qualifications, with

coaches who are part of the Advanced Coaching

Academy provided with priority access in booking onto

the course, whilst also being ofered coaching bursaries

as part of the support delivered along their journey to

completing the course.

To join the Advanced Coaching Academy, coaches

must be:

• an FA Licenced Coaches Club member

• a Level 2 coach (or above) with Youth Modules 1

and 2


• a Level 2 coach (or above) with Youth Modules 1, 2

and 3 who intends to complete the final assessment.

All events will be accredited hours to the FA Licenced

Coaches' Club, and countywide cluster meetings (both

theory and practical) and individual support will be

ofered to coaches, leading to the final assessment to

gain the Youth Award.

Joe Dunmore, Football Development Oicer at the

Northamptonshire FA, said: "We're excited to be able

to deliver this fantastic provision to coaches across

Northamptonshire, which we feel will certainly benefit

all young players that work with them once the

qualification has been obtained. Coach education is an

integral part of the Northamptonshire FA's local fouryear

strategy, with the enhancement of our county's

coaches sure to result in better players emerging from

Northamptonshire grassroots football.

"This is the first time that this level of qualification has

been available on a local level, so we very much hope

that coaches make the most of the opportunities

available through the Advanced Coaching Academy,

starting with this Youth Module 3 award."

Any coaches wishing to join the Advanced Coaching

Academy should contact Joe Dunmore at

joe.dunmore@northamptonshirefa.comt="_blank" title="Visit joe.dunmore">

or on 01604 678406.


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