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COACH EDUCATION HANDBOOK 2015-16 The FA has recently launched their new national game

strategy for the period 2015-2019. The focus on the plan is

heavily influenced by Greg Dyke's Chairman's Commission

and this is reflected in its four key areas of focus: increase

participation, player development, better training & playing

facilities and the football workforce.

These priorities are mirrored in the work of Northamptonshire FA, who have

translated The FA's priorities into a series of deliverable goals to positively

impact the development of football within the county. Priorities locally were

shaped by our partners like never before, following extensive consultation

with all groups from players and club oicials to coaches, referees and

leagues and all groups in between.

The development of coaches and coaching is very much at the heart of

The FA's vision for the next four years, as is a growing emphasis on providing

a qualified referee for each and every match. The hope is to increase the

number of referees and qualified coaches, coupled with the intention

to upskill both workforces, should further increase the positive player

experience that all of us within the football family in the county strive to

deliver. Whether you are coaching at a pro club, or oiciating the youngest

members of our grassroots game, you play an absolutely vital role in both

sustaining and developing each and every player within our county, and our

education program is here to help you continue this good work.

As well as our ofer of recognised education courses, we also ofer lots more

support to our coaching and oicial workforce. Whether you are one of the

500+ coaches in our licensed coaches club accessing professional support

and best practice, or one of the select coaches or oicials who are going to

be working in our Advanced Coaching and Refereeing Academies, we hope

to continue to support each and every person in their journey.

We look forward to welcoming new members to our unique family, as well

as seeing all of our existing members throughout the year, as we all continue

to support the grassroots game this season.

Best wishes for the season ahead,

Ian Tinto

Head of Football Development



4 Level 1 Award

in Coaching Football

8 Level 2 Certifcate

in Coaching Football

10 Level 1 Goalkeeping

Coaching Award

11 Level 2 Goalkeeping

Coaching Certificate

12 The FA Youth Award Module 1

13 The FA Youth Award Module 2

14 The FA Youth Award Module 3

15 Northamptonshire FA

Advanced Coaching Academy

16 Level 1 Award

in Coaching Futsal

17 Coaching Disabled Footballers

18 Licensed Coaches' Club

20 Safeguarding Children

in Football Workshop

21 Welfare Oicer Workshop

22 Emergency Aid Workshop

24 Refereeing Courses

26 Online Booking

27 Members' Services

28 Important Information

29 Contacts


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