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Whether your ambition is to referee at a World Cup Final

or your local under 11's team in their league matches

then Northamptonshire FA can help you along the way.

From local park football all the way up to the FA Cup

Final, football needs referees. Northamptonshire FA can

provide the training, support and experience to help you

progress as far as you want to. We have the resources,

training and support mechanisms in place to assist you in

achieving your goal.

Who can become a referee?

Anybody over the age of 14 can enrol on a Referee

Course. As long as you have a passion for the game

and willingness to learn and communicate with those

around you then you can become an asset to the

Northamptonshire FA Refereeing team. All the referees

in Northamptonshire started out at the same point as

you are now, by having an interest and finding out more

information. You could be a youngster with ambition

to referee on the Premiership or a player who wants to

hang up his playing boots and put something back in

the game, if so then read on!

What do I need to do to become a referee?

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of

referee you wish to become. Below are details of the

courses we run to become referees and what refereeing

pathway they will lead you to.

Where are the courses?

Course are run throughout the County at venues such

as Erasmus Darwin Academy in the south and St Peter's

School in the North.

When are the courses?

Courses are being planned throughout the year,

so if you cannot find a suitable course online,

you can register your interest to join a referee

course by emailing Gemma Turner at

gemma.turner@northamptonshirefa.comt="_blank" title="Visit gemma.turner">

Basic Referee Course

These are held throughout the year and throughout

Northamptonshire and will involve approximately

22 hours of training followed by a test on the Laws of

association football and an examination which involves

watching a theory DVD. On passing the examinations,

you become a Level 9 trainee referee. Following the

course you will need to referee 6 11v11 games or 6 9v9

games to obtain qualified status - during this period you

will have the services of a mentor, if required, to ofer

you support through your opening games.

It is important to note that you must attend all the dates

of the course and you have not passed the course until

you have completed your 6 matches as a referee.

The cost of the course is £150 and includes

the following;

• Laws of the Game book

• Learn the Laws CD Rom

• Welcome to Refereeing Folder which contains

booklets with advice on refereeing

• Safeguarding Children Workshop

• Course materials

• A whistle

• A notebook with red & yellow cards and pencil

• Match record cards

• A full Nike referee kit including shirt, shorts and socks

• Course delivery by FA Licensed Referee Tutors

• Access to a mentor during your first season, if required

• Introduction to Partner Leagues for your first 6 games

• Associate Membership of the Referees' Association

• Registration to Northamptonshire FA as a Referee

• Certificate of Qualification following your six games.

The only additional cost to this is the need to undertake

an FA Enhanced CRB check if you are 18 years or over.

You will be invited to complete online prior to the course

for a cost of £10.


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