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Members' Services is an online facility being ofered by

Northamptonshire FA and The Football Association. It's

free to all ailiated leagues, clubs, referees and coaches.

Our aim is to provide online information to leagues,

clubs, referees and coaches, giving them access to

their football, reducing the administrative burden and

giving them up-to-date information instantly, whenever

they need it. Members' Services is available from our

website, via the Members link. You'll need to know your

FA Number (FAN number) and you'll need to get a

password, which can be obtained automatically from

the The FA systems.

At present Members' Services is available to the

following people:

• Club Oicial: Secretary, Chairman or Treasurer

• League Oicial: Secretary, Chairman or Treasurer

• Registered Referee

• Qualified Coach

If you are an oicial of a club, when you first request

access the system will check your details (crossreferencing

with the FA/County records), and once

you have a password, you can login and access your

information. These services enable you to have access

to club information 24 hours a day, n days a week.

If you are a qualified coach or referee, you don't need

to request access, you just login using your FAN

and Password. If you don't have a FAN, visit

and a FAN and password can be emailed to you.

To register, go to


FA Learning / Online courses

The FA trains over 50,000 coaches a year through

regional and national courses. These courses cover

a range of disciplines across every level of the game.

They are produced and administered by FA Learning,

the educational arm of The FA.

As well as National and Regional courses, FA Learning

also ofers a range of online courses ranging from Laws

of the Game, Psychology courses, Fitness courses,

Respect guide.

For details of all FA Learning courses, and to book a

place on a course, visit

FALearning/. You will need a FAN and password to book

a course, so if you don't have them, visit

and a FAN and password can be emailed to you.



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