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The practical aspects of all Northamptonshire FA

courses may involve opposed practices of mixed gender

and games which by their very nature will include

physical contact.

Candidates must be aware that participation in practical

aspects of a course is entirely their own decision and

based upon their own assessment of their ability

to undertake the level of physical activity required.

The Football Association, Northamptonshire County

Football Association, its coaching staf, the venues,

nor their servants, agents or employees are liable for

personal injury, loss or damage incurred on any course.


Unfortunately, due to an increasing number of

candidates cancelling at late notice, it is with regret that

we have had to make changes to our booking policy.

Therefore the Association has introduced a strict

cancellation and transfer policy. Should a candidate

need to cancel their place on a course for any reason,

the following criteria will apply:

• More than 14 days notice:

Full refund less a £10 administration charge

• 14 days or less notice:

50% of course cost returned or transfer available for a

surcharge of £10

• 7 days or less notice:

No refund is returned, only transfer available for a

surcharge of £10.

Consideration will be given to candidates who, for health

reasons are unable to attend and require a transfer

to another course. A letter from a doctor or medical

professional may be requested.

Transfer Fee

Candidates wishing to transfer to another course more

than 14 days prior to the commencement date will incur

an administration fee of £10.

Cost of Courses

All course fees are detailed on our website at

under their respective course titles, or from the online

booking page at


All course fees and dates of courses are subject

to change.


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