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This course provides an introduction to the organisation

and delivery of safe and enjoyable coaching sessions

for players. The course will introduce practical drills

to develop players' technical skills such as shooting,

turning with the ball and heading. It is ideally suited to

those working with groups of young players.

Course Aims & Objectives

To provide learners with an introduction to ofering

the principles/practice of safe, ethical and efective

management and coaching of football to adults and

young people, as an assistant normally under the

supervision of a Level 2 qualified coach.

This certificate ofers an opportunity for aspiring football

coaches to be supported in developing their knowledge

of how to efectively coach a local club or school team.

Course Content


The course will introduce some key aspects in

the following:

• Player and Coach development

• The FA's Respect Programme

• Laws of the Game

• An introduction to the FA's Long Term Player

Development Model

• An introduction to Football for All

The course will also provide (as separately organised

workshops) the following for candidates:

• FA Emergency Aid

• FA Safeguarding Children in Football


Practical elements of the course will provide an

introduction to:

• Warm up and cool down game related activities

• Passing and control

• Turning with the ball

• Dribbling

• Shooting

• Heading

• Goalkeeping

• Individual Attacking

• Individual Defending

• Small sided games

Practical Involvement

Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically

to maximise their opportunities for learning (however

inability to participate will not prevent successful

completion of the award).

Course Pre-requisites

Prior to certification, candidates are required to:

• Be at least 16 years of age

• Hold as a minimum a current FA Emergency

Aid Qualification

• Have attended The FA Safeguarding Children

Workshop (candidates under the age of 18 years are

eligible to complete The FA Child Protection Distance

Learning Module 'Safeguarding Children in Football -

A Guide' as an alternative to

the workshop)

The above pre-requisites, for those who do not already

hold the appropriate evidence, will normally be

provided by recognised centres as part of the

learning programme.




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