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Building on the initial skills learnt in the Level 1 Award

in Coaching Football, this course provides a deeper

understanding of coaching. The course introduces

new themes such as looking at diferent coaching

styles, preparing for accidents and emergencies and

understanding players' nutritional needs.

Course Aims & Objectives

To provide candidates who have an ongoing involvement

with sport with an introduction to the processes and

principles of coaching football to adults and children.

The Certificate ofers an opportunity for potential

football coaches to be supported in developing the

knowledge of how to efectively plan, conduct and

evaluate football coaching sessions. It will also introduce

the candidates to an appreciation of the principles of

the game, both attacking and defending, and how to

utilise this knowledge for invasion games.

Course Content


The course will introduce a number of key aspects

related to the role of a football coach in working with

youth players. These are delivered via home based

study tasks and Tutor delivered workshops. The course

will introduce some key aspects in the following:

• The roles, skills and qualities of a football coach

• Developing session plans and associated information

for planning

• Awareness of safe and organised activities

• Preparation for potential accidents, illnesses

and emergencies

• A consideration of coaching styles

• Coaching session evaluation and self-reflection

• Nutritional needs of football players

• Fitness components related to football

• The planning of progressive coaching sessions.


The practical elements of the course will provide

the following:

• The principles of attacking to include creating

and exploiting space

• Passing

• Support Play

• Ball Control

• Dribbling

• Running with the ball

• Turning

• Goalkeeping

• Finishing

• Heading

• The principles of defending to include denying and

restricting space

• Defensive play when organised and outnumbered.

In addition candidates will have the opportunity to

undertake two observed practical coaching sessions

with their Tutor and receive feedback based on selected

criteria. This will form the basis of an opportunity to

deliver 12 hours of coaching in the candidate's work

place to apply the experience gained from the course

of training.

Practical Involvement

Candidates will be encouraged to participate practically

to maximise their opportunities for learning (however

inability to participate will not prevent successful

completion of the award).




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