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A company approached the IMechE for a Technical Report Writing course and requested it to be

customised for them. They advised that their reports were 'different', which they were. However, this

is not unique as we see a wide range of report templates in our courses. The issue for this company

was understanding the context in which they were writing, which was in a regulatory, auditing role.

Similarly, on the spectrum of formal and clear writing style, this situation is at the extreme end, with a

very prescriptive style. Such documents should have a very 'tight' writing style with no ambiguity or


The customisation for this client included using their company template and examples, which made the

course more directly relevant to them, and also how the report writing should be integrated into their

work processes. Following very positive feedback, the company requested a further Technical Report

Writing course to train more staff.


An engineer worked at a company where they had no templates for a report. She wanted to

understand best practice for structuring a report to share with her colleagues. She attended

the Techinal Report Writing course, which covered a recommended structure and how it might

be adapted for different purposes. She also understood what content was appropriate for each

section and how a good report should flow.

She completed the Techinal Report Writing course, confident with her new skills and knowledge.

She has since introduced a report template for her company, in agreement with her colleagues,

with an appropriate structure and capturing some aspects of consistent style too.


An engineer had specified some equipment for his company's plant. His supplier had provided

equipment that did not operate as expected over the range of conditions. Although he raised the

issue with the supplier, the latter claimed they met the contractual requirement as they had passed

the performance test. Extensive rework was required at the company's expense.

During the Preparing Engineering Specifications course, the engineer reviewed his experience and

applied the knowledge gained during the course to help him avoid such a situation in the future.

Relevant issues included a full understanding of the plant requirement, wording in the specification

and the hierarchy of documentation.


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