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August 2016

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As a leading international law firm and a signatory of the UN Global Compact

(UNGC), we take a precautionary approach and we are committed to protection of the

environment and achieving energy performance improvements across the business.

We will undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and to

make continual improvement of our environmental and energy management system in

order to enhance environmental performance across all business areas.

We have identified our most significant environmental impact areas as:

· Energy use in our buildings

· Business travel

· Resource use such as paper

· The disposal of our waste.

To achieve our objectives and aspirations, we commit to:

· do everything within our reasonable control to prevent pollution arising from

our business activities and reduction of the environmental impact of our

significant environmental aspects;

· fulfil all our relevant compliance obligations, including environmental, energy

legislation and regulatory requirements applicable to our business operations,

and to all other requirements to which we subscribe;

· develop effective management programmes to address the significant

environmental aspects and energy uses across our business operations, with

structured objectives and targets against which our environmental and energy

performance will be regularly reviewed and reported;

· assess those elements of our business that may interact with the environment

and regularly review them in order to minimise negative impacts where


· continually improve the energy performance of our facilities, equipment and

key assets; and

· ensure the availability of information and of necessary resources to achieve

objectives and targets.


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