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Safety Net Fan When you cannot run the risk


The SNF utilises the Class B1 net and comes with 60 x 60mm mesh and 20mm x 20mm

debris net as standard, which has been proven to arrest falls of up to 100kg from a height

of 6m, conforming to EN1263 (Safety Nets). The elasticity of the net, together with

a slight deformation of the frame, ensures that the impact of a fall is

absorbed, considerably decreasing the risk of injury or objects falling

to street level. Items do not bounce out or shatter which can harm

people and property below. B1 nets that comply with EN1263

are significantly stronger than conventional methods of

protection, as well as being energy absorbent,

absorbing up to 7 kJ. The combined layer net

is able to catch considerably smaller particles

of debris therefore protecting property and

people at ground level. Fans can be folded

in to retrieve fallen objects.

The SNF has been developed to address the continuing safety considerations

associated with objects falling from buildings. Traditional methods all have

limitations that the safety net fan has been designed to alleviate. The design

of the fan has focused on ensuring that not only does it do an excellent job of

capture and containment but also has the adaptability to ensure that it can

be deployed successfully in all circumstances.


Contains and absorbs

Contains and absorbs


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