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Protecting the public, workers and your reputation 5

The SNF is designed to fit directly to the

building (steel or concrete frame) or to

scaffolding using a range of purpose built

attachments. The 3.3m wide standard fan,

the 4.6m wide maxi fan and the 3.3m wide

corner options, ensure that the SNF is

suitable for almost every design of building

including those with overhangs.

The SNF can also be rapidly repositioned

around a building by crane and is designed

to move up the building as the project

develops. The SNF can also be overlapped,

Improved access



(10991 - 10996)

• 4.2 metres or 6 metres

long by 3.3 metres wide


(10997 -


• 6 metres long by

4.6 metres wide


(11000 - 11002)

• 6 metres long

by 3.3 metres wide

High Rise

• Designed to withstand wind

gusts of up to 100mph

• 100mm x 100mm net overlay

with 20mm x 20mm** debris


• 6 metres long by 4.6 metres


This product is a special solution,

made to order only.

without requiring stitching or fasteners, or

stitched together depending on site


A unique 'Wind-lock' system is optional,

allowing the SNF to resist everyday wind

forces while aiding retraction during


The SNF protects adjacent property and

transport facilities against falling objects

and being translucent, SNFs do not block

daylight, allowing shops and pathways

below to remain operational. This makes the

SNF an excellent option where space and

access to the site is restricted.

Additionally the SNF allows easy access

to the edge even when conventional edge

protection has to be removed provided

restraint measures are used; it can also be

folded up against the façade to allow crane

access and as a precaution against high

winds or heavy snowfall.

More adaptable

Designed to catch materials and people*. 60mm x 60mm mesh density. (Comes with a 20mm x 20mm debris net as standard)

*The Corner and High Rise models are only designed for catching material.

**On the main inner section only, not on the kicker 'up section'.


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