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Safety Net Fan When you cannot run the risk





Due to the large steel beams on this project, Combisafe's standard

attachments were not suitable, but they were able to adapt the connection

details of the Safety Net Fan to suit the size of the steel. A public footpath

and local businesses needed to stay open while construction was in progress

and Combisafe was able to adapt the standard Safety Net Fans to be erected

to the hoardings. The Safety Net Fans provided protection for passersby from

debris whilst letting in natural light to the footpath. This enabled access for

the public to remain open and local businesses to carry on trading.

"Gavin Phipps, Senior Construction Manager,

Heron Tower, London


Project Managers

Versatility: SNFs can be used on most building types and in many

circumstances where protection is required and they can be moved up the

structure as it progresses to suit the changing requirements..

Site Safety: SNFs deliver a safe site where people and property are


complies with safety regulation EN1263.

Improved relationship with neighbours: Shops, businesses, roads

and transportation can continue to operate as normal and the risk of


and litigation as a result of failing debris is negated.

Health & Safety Managers

Improved Site Safety: SNFs protect people and property from falling

objects, catching debris that has not been caught by other measures.

Total compliance: SNFs both absorb and contain falling objects

and people achieving total compliance with regulations EN1263 and


Flexible Solution: SNFs are the best safety solution for specific city


and high rise situations.

SNFs offer a wide range of benefits, giving advantages over conventional systems

to professionals across the Construction Industry all backed by our total support services.


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