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Protecting the public, workers and your reputation 9


Safety Net Fan technical specifications are put together to meet

individual project requirements. If required, an additional technical

drawing service is available.


Combisafe Engineering Services Department provide technical

support during planning and installation with Field Service

engineers available

to give on-site advice.


Full training on safety standards, regulations and installation of the

safety net fan is available to all customers of SNFs either on-site or

at one of our safety centre facilities throughout Europe.

Approved Installers

Combisafe have an extensive Approved Installer Network operating

throughout Europe and UAE. A full list of our approved installers is

available on our website.

Scaffolding Contractor

Competitive advantage: As the safety system provider, integrating

specialist products to suit the unique needs of the client will result in

a more efficient and cost effective solution. Having a selection of high

rise protective measures will provide a differential advantage against


Ease of use: SNFs are simple to erect and can be moved quickly and

easily as the project progresses.

Compatibility: SNFs will attach directly to your existing scaffolding stock

or can be attached to most types of building structure enabling the


to target projects previously outside of their scope.

Specialist subcontractors

Improved Access: The SNFs ability to be folded away in seconds means

that crane access is vastly improved.

Improved Safety: The SNF provides reassurance that any accidental


such as dropping materials or tools, will not cause serious damage.

Versatility: The SNFs wide range of attachments can be substituted

at any point to adapt to the surface in question, e.g. steel framework or


Purchase and Hire

The SNF is readily available through the Combisafe network

of Distributors and Rental Partners across Europe and UAE.

Safety Net Fans can also be purchased directly from Combisafe.

Combisafe welcome enquiries from companies interested in

becoming part of the network of approved installers and also rental

companies, some of whom may also undertake installation work.


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