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Treecreeper Box 2BN

Edible Dormouse Box 1KS

Common Dormouse Box 2KS » TREECREEPER BOX 2BN registered design

This type of box has a brood chamber with a slightly reduced depth and greater height compared to the Type 2B, and no

cleaning flap. The box is placed on the Aluminium Nail supplied, which is hammered halfway in, and wire is also used to

attach the box to the trunk. This flexible system largely makes allowance for further growth of the trunk, but should be

checked every few years. The box is cleaned by lifting it up or removing it completely from the trunk. A lip at the top side or

edge of the box acts as a seal, pressing into the rough bark and preventing water from entering the box.

External dimensions approx.: H 35 x W 22 x D 10 cm.

Nesting chamber: approx. 11 x 6.5 cm.

Scope of delivery: Nest Box, Aluminum Nail, wire for fixing.

Weight: approx. 1.5 kg. Order No. 00 143/6

» EDIBLE DORMOUSE BOX 1KS Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

» COMMON DORMOUSE BOX 2KS Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

Central Europe is the habitat of the Forest, Garden and Edible Dormouse as well as the Common Dormouse.

In Germany Dormice are mainly found in broadleaf and mixed woodland that is safe from flooding, as well as in wild gardens and meadows interspersed

with fruit trees. They inhabit lowland areas as well as the central highlands. The continued existence of domestic Dormice is now under serious threat.

The far-reaching destruction of what were formerly widely distributed, natural and open woodlands with their relatively high proportion of fallen trees

has deprived these animals of their ideal habitat. Their disappearance leads to a severe ecological imbalance. Dormice are excellent climbers and tend

to be most active at dawn and dusk and during the night. Depending on type and habitat, Dormice can hibernate for up to seven months of the year.

The KS series has been continuously developed in order to provide an important, alternative refuge for Dormice. Therefore, it enables a low cost

contribution to preserving woodland wildlife. The various access holes facing the tree trunk discourage Birds from occupying the box but are ideal for

Dormice as well as protecting them from predators (it is important to ensure that the tree trunk is of a suitable diameter). The patented design of these

forestry-approved boxes ensures that they are long-lasting, secure and ideal for the intended species, and the trunk cannot grow over the hanger. They can

be hung up in dry and widely spaced broadleaf and mixed coniferous and broadleaf woodlands, as well as on the edges of woodland with dense undergrowth,

in meadows interspersed with fruit trees and in large, wild gardens. Height above ground: 1.5 - 3 m, on trees with a trunk diameter of 20 - 30 cm.

Inspection and cleaning: from the front, by means of the removable front panel, which means that the box does not have to be taken down from the tree.

Cleaning is usually undertaken between January and March. IMPORTANT … watch out for hibernating animals!

Dormice seek refuge in relatively undisturbed broadleaf woodlands. They will readily use the 1KS Box

as a secure refuge, or for overwintering too, depending on the locality.

Suitable for: All indigenous Dormice (Edible, Garden, Forest and Common Dormice).

Entrance: l 40 mm. Dimensions: W 17.5 x D 22.5 x H 29.5 cm. Interior: 12.5 x 12.5 cm. Weight: 6.2 kg.

Order No. 00 460/4

With a body length of 6 - 9 cm, a weight of approx. 15 - 20 g and a tail of almost equal length, the Common Dormouse

is the smallest variety found in Central Europe. It is severely endangered over much of this region, and in many cases has

disappeared completely. For this reason, in accordance with the EU Fauna Flora Habitat (FFH) Directive, this animal and its

habitats enjoy special protection in all member states of the European Union. The SCHWEGLER Dormouse Box has proved

its practical effectiveness and is ideally suited for supporting populations of these creatures and for checking on their

numbers. The smaller entrance hole and Dormouse barrier makes it difficult or even impossible for other animals to gain

access. For improved protection the distance between the rearmost barrier and the tree trunk should be max. 2 - 2.5 cm,

which can be achieved on tree trunks with diameter 20 - 30 cm. Occupants: Common Dormouse.

Entrance: l 26 mm. Dimensions: W 17.5 x D 22.5 x H 29.5 cm. Interior: 12.5 x 12.5 cm. Weight: 6.2 kg.

Order No. 00 461/1

VV Common Dormouse in 2KS

VV Edible Dormouse in 1KS



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