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Dear SCHWEGLER Customer,

With these lines of text a new model year starts for us at SCHWEGLER.

Our current catalogue, the 72nd edition since 1948, is ready! We can look

back on many exciting experiences, successful projects and interesting

new developments. While this issue naturally contains many new products,

we have already started on further improvements and developments

- not only for but also with our customers, as always.

Particular highlights in this issue are, for example, the Flat Bat Colony Box

3FF (see page 24), which combines a crevice roost, a popular place for

crevice-inhabiting species such as Barbastelle or Soprano Pipistrelle Bats,

combined with a larger hanging space for species that tend to frequent

caves, e.g. Noctule Bats. Based on our tried and tested fl at Bat Box 1FF,

among other things it has used its clever and fl exible hanger concept, and

self-cleaning. Due to the enlarged and textured interior, it is even more

highly adapted to the general and regional needs of the individual Bat


In order to meet the increasing demand for Jackdaw and Kestrel nesting

concepts, we have also extended our production programme here to

include appropriate nesting aids especially for attaching to the external

walls of buildings. The attractive shape and concealed installation facilitates

cost-effective and fast implementation of protective measures (see

page 32).

Based on the latest hornet protection fi ndings, with our Hornet Starter Box

we offer the opportunity to implement an improved species conservation

concept: By settling the Hornets in a spatially limited, but very readily

accepted Starter Box, especially with unfavourable climate factors, the

Hornet queen can be offered cost-effective and safe accommodation for

establishing a nest (page 55).

We have also extended our range of feed and feeders for winter feeding

(from page 66).

Even products that have been successful for years continue to change.

We are pleased that you are interested in our products and hope that you

enjoy your exploration of our catalogue and all that it has to offer.

Our fundamental business idea and philosophy has been amazingly simple

from the outset and yet it is very straightforward: To produce the (world-)

best nest boxes and wildlife conservation products and at the same time

to respect nature. We attach a great deal of importance to our development

work, in order to produce worthwhile and species-appropriate

products for the animals.

After such a long time, it is not always easy to keep sight of this standard,

especially in our ever-changing world. Family owned for three generations,

knowledge of our roots guarantees continuity and gives our customers the

certainty that with its product diversity, SCHWEGLER is and remains a

reliable partner in practical nature conservation work.

For more than 65 years, SCHWEGLER has been "the" brand for bird protection

and nature conservation products in Europe. Private garden owners,

fruit farmers and nature conservationists use our products daily, as well

as forestry agencies, forest and woodland managers, nature conservation

organisations, universities, agricultural institutions and scientifi c research

groups in Germany and abroad. The practical experience and empirical

values acquired are incorporated in our products continuously and help us

to develop our offering further for optimum success and to offer improvements

and new solutions. We therefore explicitly ask that you tell us

about your experiences, so that we can offer you and our wildlife the most

optimum product possible.

Why do we use wood-concrete?

That's easy to explain: Our high-quality SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

nesting aids are resistant to weather as well as other negative phenomena

such as rot and Woodpecker attacks. The enormous success of our

products with maximum occupancy rates has been substantiated scientifi cally

for decades, among other things by innumerable recommendations

of leading international nature conservation associations, government

establishments, charitable organisations and enthusiastic customers.

The nesting aids do their job reliably for many years and decades, but at

the same time use few resources in their production. Their environmental

impact at the end of their life is minimal and even without special disposal

they do not constitute lasting foreign bodies in nature. We pay particular

attention to a healthy ecological balance and perform a life cycle assessment

of our production and when purchasing materials: We generally

use wood from domestic sources (usually with sustainability certifi cate

for panels) and ensure short delivery and sales routes for low energy

consumption. Our next boxes are made to last, but if a part does break or

need replacing, we can supply spare parts, even decades later.

Our wood and wood-concrete products are made exclusively in our factory

in Germany. Wherever possible we purchase raw materials and semifi

nished goods that have been produced in Germany or Europe, to fulfi l our

responsibilities here too. We pack our products with as few plastics as

possible and also reuse existing outer packaging (e.g. cardboard boxes).

Orders that are delivered by parcel service are sent CO2 neutral and if

products are shipped on pallets we optimise the packaging, for example,

using recycled paper and cardboard padding.

All this is not an idea thought up by our marketing department, but has

been an important part of our business philosophy for as long as the

company has existed.

We take our responsibility in this area very seriously and here too we

make every effort to meet our own high standards at all times. We and our

families live at the German production location and are therefore able to

guarantee compliance with environmental standards, as well as the health

of our employees, each and every day.

Because in our opinion nature conservation begins long before the actual

attaching of a nesting aid. The objective of our efforts is simple, and yet

sets the benchmark very high: We give wild animals the opportunity to

survive in our modern, changing world; not only now but in the future too,

to conserve them for our children and our children's children and to pass

on our enthusiasm for this too.

We hope you fi nd endless pleasure in living nature.

Your Gunnar und Sven Papenfoth

Finally, please note:

Due to strong demand, somewhat longer delivery periods can occur during

the spring months for some products. Please therefore plan your orders as

early as possible so that the shelters are available to the wildlife in good



ments and new solutions. We therefore explicitly ask that you tell us


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