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Flat Bat Box 1FF

Flat Bat Colony Box 3FF


The Flat Bat Box 1FF is a crevice roost that is open at the bottom. It can be used even in extremely steep locations

and it is maintenance-free, i.e. it does not have to be cleaned. Because the flat box is open at the bottom, droppings

can fall out. The Flat Bat Box also has a large inspection flap that can be opened. The 1FF has been fitted with a

roughed wooden back panel, made of very resistant wood, to level out temperature fluctuations in the spring and

autumn. This means that the animals can use the cooler wood-concrete or the warmer wooden panel depending on

their individual climatic needs.

This box has proved highly effective under practical conditions everywhere, in gardens and forests as well as on

urban buildings and balconies. Thanks to the central fixing only a nail or screw is required to fix the box securely in

position; an added advantage on lightweight panel walls or in rented accommodation. There is a radial recess at the

rear that enables good and steady installation on masts or tree trunks. Thanks to its additional four support points

it can also be attached securely to houses, garages, towers, hunting hides and walls. The vertical and horizontal

narrowing of the box makes it very suitable for all crevice-inhabiting Bat species. It offers the animals optimum

interior depth wherever it is hung up, i.e. back contact on and with the wood or wood-concrete on the inside.

Supplied with Hanger and Aluminium Nail.

» FLAT BAT BOX 1FF with built-in wooden rear panel, D.B.P. | Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

VV Lesser Noctule Bats, Photo: H. Schwarting VV Practical example

VV Noctule Bats, Photo: H. Schwarting


SCHWEGLER wood-concrete.

External Dimensions:

T 14 x W 27 x H 43 cm.

Entrance: 12 x 24 mm.

Weight: approx. 9.9 kg.

Order No. 00 139/9

» FLAT BAT COLONY BOX 3FF Patent pending | Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete

In order to satisfy current practical requirements (self-cleaning, universal use, easy inspection) and even greater

adaptation to the genera and regional needs of the individual species, the new self-cleaning SCHWEGLER Flat

Bat Colony Box 3FF (with and without inspection hatch) has been developed on the basis of the tried and tested


Soprano Pipistrelle Bats with an additional, larger hanging space for species that tend to roost in caves, such as

Noctule Bats. At the same time, it is possible to move between the hanging zones internally, for example, to adjust to

weather-induced changes. Depending on the temperature the animals can vary the level at which they hang, or in cold

weather they can move more closely together in the roost and on hot days there is sufficient space for them to spread

themselves or move apart accordingly within the 3FF to achieve an interior climate that is favourable for them. The 3FF

also provides sufficient space for larger groups of female Bats, which convene in so-called nursery roosts. If inspections

are necessary, for example, for functional or scientific reasons, we recommend Version 3FF with inspection hatch.

In the late summer the enlarged interior volume is an advantage, especially as a transition and mating roost. In Central

Europe the 3FF is an excellent all-purpose roost for a large number of species, which takes into account the changing

needs of the animals during the Bat year (except for hibernation; special overwintering boxes are used for this, e.g.

SCHWEGLER 1FW, 1WQ, etc.).

The 3FF is self-cleaning, i.e. the Bat droppings can fall out freely from the underside without blocking the entrance if the

box is densely occupied. On the one hand, the special design of the entrance slot prevents excessive incident light and

draughts, and on the other it also enables pregnant animals to access the box safely.

Installation: 3 m and higher on trees, posts, hunting hides and walls.

Material: SCHWEGLER wood-concrete. Colour: schwarz. Dim.: D 20 x W 27 x H 43 cm.

Supplied with Hanger and Aluminium Nail. Weight: approx. 9.5 kg.

3FF without additional inspection hatch Order No. 00 239/6

» Model with inspection hatch If increased inspection frequency is planned for these

boxes, we recommend the 3FF model with additional inspection hatch. Thanks to the

hatch, the whole interior can be inspected with a mirror or torch. In the version without

hatch the interior cannot be examined completely without opening the front panel.

3FF with additional inspection hatch Order No. 00 238/9

VV Model with additional inspection hatch

VV 3FF opened



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